Smile Makeovers Goes International

Perfect smile
What do critically acclaimed actress Keira Knightley and international supermodel Kate Moss have in common? Well aside from being very stunning girls, also they bear the unmistakable hallmark of a British national: teeth that are imperfect. Brits are notorious for having imperfect teeth and are frequently the subject of continuous examination and tease about the state of the dental hygiene by their American counterparts.
Conversely, perfect teeth are considered by the Brits as just appalling.
As more and more British celebs see crossover success, the British teeth stereotype that is imperfect is rapidly becoming an old notion. A smile makeover in London does not seem like a farfetched and utterly ridiculous idea.
perfect teeth
Cosmetic dentistry techniques are currently getting visibility on the list of community that is British, though not just for the same reasons since many Americans experience aesthetic dental procedures. The British seek dental help mainly because of health reasons while Americans do it mostly for aesthetic reasons.
Poor oral hygiene often leads to numerous other health problems which could end up being more severe. The mouth is a powerful breeding ground for bacteria which flourish in warm, damp surroundings. Apart from being a societal life killer, bad breath can be interpreted as a signal for more serious health problems like inflammation of the gums, or gingivitis, and a periodontal disease called gum disease. Your social life will be the least of your worries as the disease can find its way if it’s left untreated. Once there, the disease can cause a mess in your body and may also cause heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

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